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The electronic music legend again in Russia!
The first big tour Camouflage (Germany) in Russia.

Camouflage – the new album, new musical methods but the same love of the Russian fans of the band, that didn’t change after two visits of the band to our country. This time the band could be seen not only the Russian cities’ inhibitions but the Belarusian fans too. The band will travel across Kaliningrad, Moscow, Volgograd, Krasnodar, Izhevsk, NAberezhny Chelny and also Minsk.

The returning of “M-Radio”, the legend’s returning became, seems, the brightest event of this autumn. “M-Radio doesn’t give the reason to forget about it and declares the returning to Moscow of the legendary band Camouflage which deserved to be called the founders of the synthpop style of the music.

During their career they became the etalon of the quality electronic sound which meanwhile were always more than “music from the synthesizers”. The band uses as live drums as guitars creating the musing and playing shows. Most critics agree that Camouflage are one of the more interesting bands working in the electronic direction.

First steps into a music they made yet in 1981. In 1983 – four friends Heiko Maile, Marcus Meyn, Oliver Kreyssig and Martin Kähling created the band called "Lizenenced Technology". Martin left the band in 1984 and the rest stayed as trio and renamed themselves into Camouflage –it was one of the songs of "Yellow Magic Orchestra".The first single «The Great Commandment» was recorded and released 2 years later at the small German label "Westside", but this song became popular only in 1987 after releasing in a new version by "Metronome Records”. Camouflage appeared in a spotlight after that not only in Germany but far away from its borders. They reached even twice with the remix of that single for the Billboard charts. After the intensive rotation at the independent radios the band took the 3rd place letting go up only The Cure and Depeche Mode but leaving behind such the bands like New Order, Erasure and The Smiths. Two yet singles were released in 1988 «That Smiling Face» and «Neighbours» and the debut album «Voices and Images» followed after..

The second album saw the light in the next (1989) year and it was "Methods Of Silence". The release included the worldwide known hit "Love Is A Shield", that was released along with "One Fine Day" as the singles. The tour followed and had the great success. Camouflage played the shows with 3 additional musicians. Oliver Kreyssig left the band for 8 years in 190 and the duo Camouflage changed their course. 2 years later the new album was released, it was very different stylistically comparing with 2 previous ones. «Meanwhile» was recorded with using of the instruments guys never used before including guitars. Two singles supported this third album «Handsome» and «Heaven (I want you)». But in 1993 hey return to the electronic sound and the fourth album «Bodega Bohemia» with a few singles «Suspicious Love», «Jealousy» and «Close» were released. The song «Suspicious Love» became a club hit in Germany and continued the line of the world electronic scene brilliants with «The Great Commandment» and «Love is a Shield» at the beginning of it. The fifth album «Spice Crackers» saw the light in 1995 accompanied by 2 singles yet «Bad News» and «X-ray» where the band had some experiments with trance and techno elements.

The long period of silence came after that was brought only once in 1997 by releasing of the best of compilation «We Stroke The Flames» contained 16 tracks in one CD. Oliver that worked on the Polydor that time worked on the design and presentation of the CD. I gave him the possibility to join Camouflage again but with another role. During the break Heiko produced the synth bands and remixes and contributed the back vocals to the band calling Sea Of Sin. The rumors about the band reunion appeared at the end of 1998 and the first Camouflage tribute was released by Synthphony Records called «The Greatest Commandments».

On July, 1999 "THIEF" single should be published, the song that corresponds the very best 80-es traditions and stylistic of glorious "Love is a Shield" times, nevertheless it is enough modern and resembles early DM. That time another outstanding event has taken place - Oliver Kreissig got Camouflage back to its original body with his returning. New album "Sensor" should have been published in 1999, but it was not because of the conflict arose between the band and publishing company Virgin. Such a situation continued for the next 3 years when finally, after the remixed singe "The Great Commandment 2.0" publishing (produced out from London by TOY, known as Depech Mode "ULTRA" participant) the contract with Virgin was cancelled. Some drums parts were performed by Christian Eigner, who took part also in several DM concert tours.

The returning to the mother label - Polydor was marked by the "Rewind" - the compilation of the best of Camouflage, digitally remastered and with all band's videos DVD encluded. Dance project "Resistance D" single called "You Were There" was published by Polydor on March. The song sounded similar to other Camouflage songs, thus, due to the lack information, calling perplexity among listeners. Everything became clear when it's turned out that Marcus and his friends musicians PASCAL F.E.O.S. and Maik Maurice were involved into the project. Helping to compose the song Marcus recorded the vocal. The single rose up to the 63-d position in Germain chart.

Finally Camouflage fans received at last the complete album "Sensor", published in Russia, together with Moscow, S.-Petersburg and Kaliningrad live gigs. The Concert at Gorbunov's in Moscow collects those, expected for the Camouflage coming to Moscow for the whole period of its existance. And Camouflage aren't letting down. Everyone involved will remember the unforgettable 2 hours performance. Camouflage showed the real master class. No band (excluding probably Depeche Mode) performed with such a proffesionalism.

Camouflage gave a numerous of the successful concerts in frames of the new tour including Moscow. The legendary band Technologia supported Camouflage gave an energy to more than 1000 visitors of INFINITY club from the first sound and the heroes of the evening Markus, Heiko, Oliver and the drummer Jochen entered the stage after. The melancholy in their eyes, love to the audience – that’s Camouflage. The concert took more than 2 hours they left the stage 3 times but returned After the show Jochen and Oliver stayed for the after show party with warm company of the fans.

The band wrote later: “Russian fans are the most energetic. They gifted to us unforgettable impression from the show we ever had. We would be happy to meet you again!”

Meanwhile the recording company Polydor, which signed the contract with the band was not interested in the new album that leaded to the fact the band quiet and signed the contract with SPV in August, 2005. Heiko moved from Stuttgart to Berlin and based the studio there becoming the producer of the new album. Camouflage gave only 2 shows in Germany in 2005 concentrating at the new songs.

August, 25 2006 the German trio gave to the audience the new longplay «Relocated». It was the logical continue of the previous «Sensor», talking musically, the same beautiful melodies, good arrangements that weren’t used before. Bands knows how to create the music.

December, 10 you can see the legendary band in Moscow and taste their new and classical hits in a live way.

Welcome at the Camouflage concert in the Moscow “Apelsin” club.
December, 10. 20.00

The special guest of the tour – TECHNOLOGIA

the prior selling, the ticket’s price - 900 rubles.
On the day of the concert, the ticket’s price – 1100 rubles

V.I.P. – 1500 rubles.
V.I.P. (BEST) – 3000 rubles.


• 1988 - Voices & Images
• 1989 - Methods of Silence
• 1991 - Meanwhile
• 1993 - Bodega Bohemia
• 1995 - Spice Crackers
• 2003 - Sensor
• 2006 - Relocated

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• 08.12 – Kaliningrad
• 09.12 – Minsk*
• 10.12 – Moscow*
• 11.12 – Krasnodar*
• 13.12 – Volgograd*
• 15.12 – Naberezhnye Chelny
• 16.12 – Izhevsk*

* - with Technologia as the support.

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