The "One Fine Day in INFINITI": the meditation with the CAMOUFLAGE's music.

The Thursday night in the Moscow's club INFINITY (Nov, 11) stayed in the memory for sure... This band wasn't discovery for the technoromantics (especially having in the mind it is already the second appearing of the band here in Russia).

The awaiting of the beginning of the Camouflage's show was shared with the guests of the evening, the legendary Russian synthband Technologia which supported the show of Germans.

But the moment came and Markus (vocals), Oliver (vocals, keyboard), Heiko (back vocals, keyboard) and Johan (drums) entered the stage.

The process of the enjoying of the music took about two hours. The last album's superhit "I'll Follow Behind" opened the set and was continued by the best and known songs of the band.

The melancholy in the eyes, the voices that pierced the souls, tenderness and real love to the listeners… all these things are composing this unical world we call: CAMOUFLAGE. The world of the feelings that couldnt be describe with just the words, the world of the associations alloyed in one minor key it is… Such the hits as "Close", sweet "Suspicious Love" arranged in the danceable way, drive of "I Want You" and the song of all the times "Love Is A Shield"… all these songs were played and the final point was the real hymn of this evening "One Fine Day"…

It is available to continue eternally… Three times they went backstage and three times returned back being called by the crowd of fans. Surprises were prepared too - for example the cover of the Human League's "Being Boiled". The song "Kraft" was sung partially in Russian.

Of course any news were delivired to fans too. The new album should see the light in the next year. A few songs are recorded already.

The plane was already awaiting for the artists in the November Moscow morning but musicians found yet a time to gift the authographes and possibility to shoot photos to fans till the morning came.

The skies took the band to move them in the another city to give the next show but the impressions stayed to live in the mind…

Olesja Samsonova
Violator Project




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