The night full of madness with Hocico.

The very own tendentions and style, the whole world of the phantasies and imagination where the music is the expression of the feelings and reflection of the negative reality and violence, meanwhile the lyrics contain the critics of the current Universe's system combine in the one word sounding as "HOCICO". The concert of this Mexican duo was awaited for a pretty long time in Russia. And to make the fans of the technoindustrial sounds happy or technogothic… whatever the show of this act had the place in the Moscow's Tochka club on the 24th of November.

Erk Aicrag and Rasco Agroyam in the frame of their world tour presented to the audience their latest album 'Wrack & Ruin'. After the rest from the previous gig in St. Petersburg last night they had a meeting with the journalists.

- How was the concert on Oct, 22 in St. Petersbourg? Did you like the audience there at the show?

Hocico: The gig took a place in not that big club and it were about300 people of the audience in. We liked the Russian public a lot. Talking of the energy of the people which came to see us we could tell it is very similar to the energy of the Mexican fans, that's cool!

- You work as duo. As it is known you tried to involve the guitarist in the band once. How did it work?

Hocico: Ye we had the live experiment in this way but to be honest nothing good quate so we decided to continue the work as duo.

- What do you think of the Mexican soap-operas?

Hocico (óëűáŕţňń˙): They are really popular worldwide, that's true : ) Therefore we have the negative reaction to them because these operas do not rexlect the real life of our country.

- What music do you like?

Hocico: Hard to say definitely… Different kinds of… The rock, punk, electro, metal…

- Any russian musicians in the list of favour?

Hocico: Unfortunately we didnt listen that much but I (Erk) liked a lot the soundtrack for the Tarkovsky movie "Solaris" which was recorded by Edward Artemiev.

- Have you a plan to release the new album soon?

Hocico: Yes the couple of the new tracks is recorded already. It should see the light in 2005.

- Had you the chance to try Russian vodka being here 3 days already?

Hocico : YE:) And it reminded the Mexican tequila to us, the same hard taste!

For sure the meeting with Hocico wasn't over yet! The concert followed. During one and half of an hour the wave of the real drive attacked the brains of the fans. The signs of the forthcoming in a week Halloween celebration were already clearly seen here. The black wears and chains, the avantgarde haircuts of the people gave the especial atmosphere. The interesting fact was that many fans tried to jump up on the stage to dance with Hocico but nothing to wonder here because this madness could make people do crazy things! All who wanted to sign cds and posters as well to shoot the shoto of guys for a memory. And the words of Erk from the stage in Rusian "Come on! Come on, Moscow!" will sound yet long in the heads of the fans!

Olesja Samsonova, Alex Flop

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