MAY THUNDER in Moscow!

On 22 May 2004, the first international synthpop Festival, “May Thunder”, been hold at the huge Moscow club “Tochka”. Synthpop festivals are held throughout the world, but this been the first ever event on such a huge scale in the Russian Federation!

The organisers of “May Thunder” intend to present international stars of contemporary еlectronic music, so they are bringing from Germany the best representatives of the genre - ''Diorama“, “Beborn Beton” and “In Strict Confidence”. Not by chance were these groups chosen for the Moscow show. In Europe they have earned the loyalty of many, many fans and have achieved the top positions in the European hit-parades. Moscow lovers of this type of music know the work of the German musicians well, but they will also be delighted to see representatives of the local scene at the concert. All the best Russian synthpop groups of recent years (about 10 groups) will go out on to the “Tochka” stage, including TECHNOLOGIA, ARRIVAL and MODULE – names well known to a broad public. The festival will run non-stop for 14 hours. “May Thunder” will close on the morning of 23 May with performances by the best Russian DJs, playing popular electronic styles.

Moscow circus performers literally “warm uped” the audience, providing a fiery support show at the Festival. Acrobats on stilts, masterfully performing astounding tricks with fire, will make up one part of this colourful event. The club will be fitted out with supplementary sound and light equipment, pyrotechnics and colourful decorations.

The enormous concert club “Tochka”, reborn at its new home, has doubled in size and can now house an audience of 3000. The club is on three levels, one on top of the other, like a Greek amphitheatre. And the ceiling, painted to resemble a starry sky with a parade of planets, merely emphasises the enormity of the concert area.

We invite you all to come to the “May Thunder” Festival and offer you the chance to become General Sponsor of the event.




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